“Arrogance – 3” – Ratings v Utd as Rangers flounder

“Arrogance – 3” – Ratings v Utd as Rangers flounder
Rangers players at Tannadice pre-kick off (Credit Rangers FC)

Every relevant member of Rangers FC deserves ‘shaming’ after that absolute shambles, so Ibrox Noise will give our honest ratings for a horrific afternoon at Tannadice.


He was ok, nothing special. Could do nothing at the goal but wasn’t harshly tested otherwise in truth. 6


His post-new year lull has been going now for 8 months and today was yet more. Defensively AWOL just like midweek, and attack wise wasn’t able to deliver much either from the flank, but did manage more shots than anyone. 4


Oh boy, Connor, that little moment late in the second half with Nicky Clark summed up a player who now believes his own hype. He has been utterly terrible this season, back to the Goldson of previous seasons, and the arrogance he showed both in his presser (we’ll get to that later) and today v the ex-Rangers man was a disgrace. 3


Didn’t win much in the air at all v Clark (or anyone else) but did manage a fair few clearances and defensive duties. He was Rangers’ best defender but it’s not saying much. 5


Head in the clouds, seems extremely subdued, and isn’t looking anything like the world class player he used to. Been out of it for a while and that continued today. 4


For Davo, an 87% average in passing is dreadful, because we know what he can do. Was called into the Ryan Jack role more than he’d want and it took away from his passing game. 5


Delivered his worst passing level maybe in a year with a poor by his levels of 80%. He didn’t look interested at all, and it feels to us like he’s mentally departed already. Hasn’t accepted the deal offered and that’s telling. 5


Shows how deceptive pre-season is. We wanted to believe he was as good as he looked, and we know he’s better than this, but in competitive football for this club so far he’s been a complete passenger. Neat passing level, yes (highest in the side) but having no real impact in midfield at all. 5

Joe Aribo:

By some distance Rangers’ best player – can walk away with his head held higher. He tried, he worked, he showed tenacity and he was the most dangerous thing we had. Even helped out in defence as much as he could. 7

Ryan Kent:

Oh Christ. 3

Alfredo Morelos:

‘Rangers play so much better with Alfie’. On this showing, we really don’t. He was not horrid, got some shots in and won a few fouls but was starved of service and didn’t do much with what he did get. 5



Got a tonne of the ball but couldn’t use it particularly well. Got a dribble or two but not one he could make a major difference in. 6


Literally the most pointless sub Rangers have ever made. Managed one touch of the ball and two passes. In his defence at least both passes connected! Completely finished as a player now. n/a


Tried hard to make things happen and even got a shot away. He’s desperate to prove himself. 6


Oh Stevie, you ballsed up in this one. Took a huge risk selecting so many players low on fitness and it backfired. But equally the whole team just wasn’t playing for him as they haven’t been for some considerable time. 55 is history, but this team doesn’t yet look like they’re that interested in 56. There’s no progression from last season at all yet. 5

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  1. Why does Gerrard continually consistently play thet two arses at the back there are plenty players who would play for Rangers Kelly Paterson Bassey
    Keep these arses off the park build a better defence Mr Gerrard

  2. Can’t argue with any of that guys . It was garbage. Nobody top to bottom at Ibrox can come out of that with anything , It’s did well at what they were given .

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