Rotten Rangers got exactly what they deserved

Rotten Rangers got exactly what they deserved
Borna Barisic in action v Utd (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ unbeaten SPL record ended today, frankly in diabolical circumstances. Dundee Utd, the bottom team, having been gubbed by Aberdeen the previous week, showed up and fought for everything.

Rangers swanned in like a bunch of full of themselves superstar prima donnas and showed the guts of a worm.

Let’s be clear – this was without much doubt the single worst performance in Steven Gerrard’s reign as Rangers manager, and this calendar year this has been coming.

Rangers have simply not been at the races since December last year, and while 55 was gloriously secured, the performances dipped as always post-new year and it was won on the back of the damage done the previous year.

This season has not picked up from where December 2020 ended, it has picked up from where last season left off, and today’s sh*tshow is easily the lowest point of Stevie’s Rangers era.

Everything about this display was a disgrace – second to EVERY SINGLE AERIAL HEADER, second to every loose ball, loose passing, and only a couple of shots on target demonstrated why Dundee Utd completely earned this win and Rangers earned nothing.

The heart is not there with this Rangers squad this season so far, the guts AWOL and the hunger completely missing.

Only Joe Aribo can walk away from today’s match with anything like a spot of dignity, not a soul otherwise.

Even Steven Davis is looking slightly out of sorts this season so far, and we never thought we’d say that about such a glorious player and man.

This needs to improve, fast. Rangers are currently rotten, rank rotten, and we’re opening a door to Celtic that should have remained tightly shut.

Get a grip Rangers, and quick.

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  1. Just a quick one guys… am I still an arrogant rangers fan for suggesting that Malmö beat us because we played poorly or should we not be expecting to beat Dundee Utd. For the second game in a row beaten because we were extremely poor, not because the opposition were world beaters.

    • No idea Jay, don’t recall who you are. But if you’re saying the Swedish champions are on the same level as Utd you’re maybe a little misguided.

  2. Let’s be honest today was the worst ever. No plan no guts no effort. Too many not at the races . Let’s hope it’s the wake up call

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