6 PL sides in the hunt for Rangers’ Kamara

6 PL sides in the hunt for Rangers’ Kamara
ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - JUNE 21, 2021: Finland s Glen Kamara L and Belgium s Axel Witsel fight for the ball in their UEFA EURO, EM, Europameisterschaft,Fussball 2020 Group B football match at Gazprom Arena. Alexander Demianchuk/TASS PUBLICATIONxINxGERxAUTxONLY TS105A91

Brighton are back in for Rangers’ Glen Kamara, joining the long list of PL sides seeking the Finland star’s signature.

Albion, Everton, Leeds, Arsenal, Watford and Brentford are just 6 of the teams interested in Rangers’ star midfielder, and there are two clear conclusions to draw from this.

Conclusion one is that Kamara is seriously vulnerable to the sale, with a host of sides bidding for him – he is a lucrative player after all and was by far Finland’s stand-out player at the Euros. He is worth anywhere from £10M-£20M depending on the source.

Secondly is this is the usual agent games when it comes to a new contract. Glen Kamara was clear last season that he wanted a new deal – Steven Gerrard confirmed the former Dundee man’s eagerness to get a new contract at Ibrox, but at the time the manager was patient, downplaying and hinting at it being something ‘to get to’.

As a result, with negotiations clearly underway, this could be agent games to get Kamara a better deal. By invoking a tonne of interest from other sides, especially rich PL sides, it will put some pressure on Rangers to up the stakes.

Glen Kamara, as we’ve pressed ad-nauseum recently, has a decision to make – PL with a midtable side, or CL and titles with Rangers. Both are very attractive, and the wages down south will likely eclipse Rangers’ offer.

It just depends what Glen Kamara wants to do in his career.

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  1. Let’s be real here money talks especially for laddie with his background. He’s very talented and we thank Neil McCann for giving us the nod and great opportunity to sign him . If he goes like any proper business led club we will look for the best fee that suits Rangers.

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