“Embarrassing” – some Rangers fans lose their head

“Embarrassing” – some Rangers fans lose their head
Tranmere Rovers v Rangers Pre-Season Friendly 10/07/2021. Ranger s FC defender James Tavernier 2 in possession during the Pre-Season Friendly match between Tranmere Rovers and Rangers at Prenton Park, Birkenhead, England on 10 July 2021. Birkenhead Prenton Park Merseyside England Editorial use only PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK , Copyright: xPhilipxBryanx PSI-13026-0011

There’s no denying losing to a League Two side is never ideal for the Famous Glasgow Rangers. A tonne of fans on our media channels were losing their heads to the result, calling it embarrassing.

The only thing really embarrassing is such a reaction.

In the space of two months Rangers have gone, in the eyes of some fans, from the greatest ever Rangers who secured 55, to an embarrassment and a disgrace to the shirt.

If this is support we don’t want to hear criticism.

Yes, we all want silky-smooth football and 600 goals against a side as poor as Tranmere, and we want to see our best players tear it up.

But just 180 minutes into a pre-season which has seen players come back from a 3-week holiday and all bar none are a mile off match-sharpness and fans are seeing meaning in friendlies.

Friendlies are literally pointless – maybe a little bit of morale, true, but there is no tangible gain otherwise from winning against Tranmere in a pre-season friendly.

These matches are about putting minutes in players’ legs, getting them up to speed for the season ahead, and while getting a win is nice, not getting one is not the ridiculous end of the world scenario many are already painting this as.

There are even absurd notions that today’s result and performance means next season is a bust already. No, I am not making that up. Some punters looked at last season and some promising results in the French tournament, equated that to 55, and now by comparison with a weak display at Tranmere this summer 56 is a bust and we’re getting honked out the CL.

As you guys often say to us – get a grip!

The reality is Stevie won’t be thrilled with what he saw today, but we have 3 weeks to tweak, modify, and most importantly get everyone fit again.

Some called today sluggish, and that would be accurate – and there’s nothing wrong with our team being a little slow. As long as they’re not come the serious action.

But don’t draw ridiculous ‘end is nigh’ conclusions just because we had a below-par display in Liverpool.

If ever we heard knee-jerk reactions, these would be them.

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  1. Not a great game or performance but as you say first few games are all about getting minutes in the legs. Hopefully going forward across the next few games we’ll begin to see players getting their rhythm in time for the new season.

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