World class display highlights Rangers’ huge error

World class display highlights Rangers’ huge error
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If yesterday’s outstanding Scotland performance proved one thing to grumpy manager Steve Clarke, it’s that his previous reluctance to play youth was ill-conceived and completely misguided.

What would Scotland have achieved at this point, such as v the Czechs, had Clarke trusted the immaculate Billy Gilmour earlier?

What about Rangers’ superb Nathan Patterson? Celtic’s promising David Turnbull.

Instead, a fine display v England and graft and industry plus no lack of ability earned a point, while a stale and flat display v Czechs cost 2.

Is this the lesson for Scotland’s NT and even our clubs, that our youth can actually be trusted?

Fair play to Celtic – they’ve had a lot of success stories with their kids over the past decade, with a bunch breaking through and either selling for big money or becoming mainstays.

Rangers? Diabolical and shameful, and Rangers’ record with kids is why Billy Gilmour is one of the hottest properties in the PL at Stamford Bridge, and not our new Barry Ferguson and dominating the SPL and European nights at Ibrox for us.

Maybe that display from both our ex-youth kid and the team as a whole shows the youngsters CAN be trusted?

Is it time for Scotland to stop being so backwards and face the facts of the potential of the youth?

On the day we hear Kai Kennedy is to go out again on loan, we wonder if Rangers will ever learn.

Billy Gilmour, Nathan Young-Coombes and now possibly Kai Kennedy are youth not being trusted.

It’s time to change that.

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