Oh brother: when football is mixed with family stories!

Oh brother: when football is mixed with family stories!
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Sport is often a family affair. This is especially true in football. Historically, we have seen members of the same family compete, or sometimes play together.

Frank and Ronald de Boer

Frank and his brother Ronald de Boer have hardly ever been opponents, and for a very simple reason: they have spent most of their careers at the same club. Both born on May 15, 1970, they then started at Ajax Amsterdam in 1988. Frank stayed there until 1999, Ronald until 1998 with a two-year interlude (1991-1993) at Twente. The twins will then meet at FC Barcelona during the 1999-2000 season under the direction of Louis van Gaal, before taking a different path and then meeting for a pre-retirement of choice in Qatar at Al-Rayyan (2004-2005), then Al-Shamal (2005-2006). And, of course… Frank and Ronald de Boer played together at Rangers.

Ronald and Erwin Koeman

One (Ronald) has become a recognized coach, after a playing career which will have led him to victory in the Champions League (1988 with PSV Eindhoven, 1992 with FC Barcelona) and the Euro. The other (Erwin) lived in the shadow of his brother a very honourable career, as a player and then as a coach. Opposed on the pitch, Ronald and Erwin Koeman form one of football’s most emblematic siblings.

Gary and Phil Neville

The two brothers had to wait for Phil’s departure to Everton to come face to face. Before that, and for a decade (1995-2005), they were teammates in Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United, as they were in the England national team for 11 years. Together, Phil and Gary Neville have won the British Championship six times (1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003) and once the Champions League (1999). The two brothers also both share the same passion, that of betting online. They recently said in an interview that they often go to internet sports betting platforms to bet on their favourite team and win money. He would have already won a lot of money thanks to this passion by following expert champions league tips from Squawka.com.

André and Jordan Ayew

The two Ghanaian brothers, both trained at Olympique de Marseille, played for the Marseille team for 4 years (201-2014) before each took their own road. Today, they both play in the Premier League, one in West Ham (André), the other in Swansea (Jordan). But it is in selection that the siblings aspire to restore the family image and walk in the footsteps of their father, Abedi Pelé, guide of the last Ghanaian team to champion Africa in 1982. An objective that has eluded them for several editions (semi -final in 2012, 2015, 2017).

Rio and Anton Ferdinand

Seven years separate the eldest, Rio, from his younger, Anton. The first, a Manchester United player for 12 seasons and a member of the English selection, eclipses the more discreet career of his brother, who has only one Cup final (2006) to his name. And yet, the Ferdinands are one of the Kingdom’s best-known siblings. Both graduated from West Ham academy, they also share a commitment against racism, of which they were victims during their careers.

We could also have added: Pippo and Simone Inzaghi, Fabio and Paolo Cannavaro, Eden and Thorgan Hazard, Halil and Hamit Altintop, Alexei and Vassili Berezutski, Bruno and Benoit Cheyrou, Franco and Giuseppe Baresi.

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