England’s shame is Scotland’s gain

England’s shame is Scotland’s gain
18th June 2021 Wembley Stadium, London, England 2021 European Football Championships, England versus Scotland A disappointed Harry Kane of England walking back towards the England bench after being subbed off for Marcus Rashford of England during the 2nd half PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12297532 JohnxPatrickxFletcher

If ever a match summed up overpaid prima donnas, last night’s rotten England showing against a hard-working and spirited Scotland was it.

Let’s be clear – Scotland played very well and earned their point, and maybe more, but you’d be misguided to think England didn’t bottle it and indulge complacency to completely wimp out of a battle.

Three Lions were very tame indeed and all these world class talents like Harry Kane, Phil Foden, Mason Mount and supposed hero Jack Grealish were frankly rubbish – and this is what happens when a player lacks guts.

Look at Harry Kane – holding Spurs to ransom and expecting to win things, and he was probably the worst player on the pitch.

Sure, you can’t discredit his club career just because of one bad night at Wembley, but it wasn’t just him – his whole side simply expected to show up and that was a win.

It truly wasn’t – Scotland players on, in places, £5,000 a week up against guys on close to £400,000 and it was the ‘minnows’ who strode tall and outfought the big stars.

This modern culture of overpaying and giving footballers ludicrous sums of money has never been more exposed than by Scotland beating England up – it’s the PL this culture originates from, and while these players are indeed top quality for their clubs, as a group they’ve been terrible at these championships.

They were far from impressive v Croatia, who are a pale shadow of their old selves now (albeit they are missing our Borna) and Scotland were downright better than them.

What does this mean?

Probably not much, and it’s not like anything will change. Harry Kane will still hold Spurs to ransom and get his megamillions move to a big club, even despite being mince for England.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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  1. I must admit that I held no torch for the NT given Clarke and the anti Rangers feelings. However let’s be honest those English overpaid prima donnas looked less than average against Billy Gilmour , McGregor and McGinn . I think they will beat Croatia and qualify . The humorous part will be watching England and Checks trying to throw the last match so they don’t meet Germany or France lololo

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