Ranger overlooked as NT wins without him

Ranger overlooked as NT wins without him
November 15, 2019, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA: Colombia forward Alfredo Morelos (9) sets up to shoot to goal during a friendly soccer match against Peru at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Soccer 2019: Colombia 1:0 Peru - ZUMAh333 20191115_zap_h333_049 Copyright: xMarioxHoubenx

Nathan Patterson wasn’t the only Ranger overlooked in the past 24 hours as Colombia’s Reinaldo Rueda overlooked Alfredo Morelos and didn’t even look to him on the bench instead selecting a 4-4-2 and picking modest internationals Borre and Borja as the strike pairing over both Atalanta’s Muriel and Zapata, and our very own el-bufalo.

In the end the irony was that none of the forwards got on the scoresheet and it was left to midfielder Cardona to find the winner.

It’s not the start Morelos would want, but he’ll just have to be patient – he got the call, he’s in the squad, and hopefully the Coffee Men will have more use for him going forward.

It was certainly a surprise that Borre and Borja started, with more experiences heads like Muriel and Zapata consigned to the dugout alongside Morelos, and a single goal win does suggest the firepower was rather lacking in this one, with just 5 shots and 2 on target.

Hopefully Alfie will get more of a spin going forward.

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