Surprise reaction from Gers as players get ignored

Surprise reaction from Gers as players get ignored
November 15, 2019, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA: Colombia forward Alfredo Morelos (9) sets up to shoot to goal during a friendly soccer match against Peru at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Soccer 2019: Colombia 1:0 Peru - ZUMAh333 20191115_zap_h333_049 Copyright: xMarioxHoubenx

After Ibrox Noise commented on our social media channels about how disappointing that only Glen Kamara had managed an appearance for his national team at the Euros and Copa combined, we were intrigued by the response.

Indeed, a great number of rather misguided Rangers fans celebrated the fact: 1: they’ll be fresher for Rangers’ CL campaign, and 2: it prevents injury.

This is truly selfish thinking from some fans who care little about their players and have only tunnel vision for the club.

Don’t get me wrong, Rangers are the priority for all of us, but there’s something these fans are completely overlooking:


How big a deal to get a call up to these tournaments, only for the player in question to get ‘dingied’?

This is the moment of their career, the moment of their lives in many senses, to represent their country at a major championship and they’ve been overlooked?

And our fans are praising that? That said player may come home feeling more than a bit disgruntled, more than a bit frustrated about not getting to shine for their country in their big moment of pride. Which may of course lead to a spell of poor form due to quite frankly being grumpy.

No, we on every level want our players to get appearances for their nations. Their values will raise, as Glen Kamara’s has, their morale will raise, leading to better performances for us when they come back if they remain a Rangers player, and it looks a tonne better for the value of Rangers as a club if our players are regulars for their countries at tournaments like these.

The first wave of matches is now over and Wednesday sees the second set begin – let’s hope Filip Helander, Alfredo Morelos in South America, and Borna Barisic not to mention Nathan Patterson and maybe Jon McLaughlin can get some appearances and shine for their countries.

It’s best for everyone that they do.

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  1. My interest in Scotland was only aroused when Nathan Patterson was announced in the squad. Until then, I was more interested in seeing how our boys fared for their national teams. Kamara, class as expected. Completely Lost interest in Scotland after watching O’Donnell clean out Christie. Christie, probs the worst player from last season on offer from Celtic, championship players starting with premiership players on the bench. Tierneys back, he’ll probs start him right back now n drop O’Donnell!
    I’d seen the Croatia fans wanting Borna dropped, his manager comes out defends him and clarifies he’s the number one left back, squad announced next day no barisic!
    Stay up to see how Morelos gets on for Colombia, Atalantas 30+ year old strikers get the nod off the bench before him.
    At that point I was thinking, fuck it big Fils still to play. End up with Lindelof at the back with Lustig(making an arse of hiself) and some unkown from China with Djugarden of Sweden the best level hes played at.
    I will watch Kamara cruise it agaisnt the Russians today, then that’ll be me until the England game.
    Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, the Euros can go and take a big fuck themselves!

  2. Perhaps the biggest, and perhaps most likely, problem with our players not getting a game will be the player coming back deciding that he needs to move to a better league to enhance his chances of a game. So it’s very important that they play.

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