140,000 at Silverstone but Rangers denied 2K

140,000 at Silverstone but Rangers denied 2K
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The government’s hypocrisy continues to simmer after three pieces of financial disparities invokes inconsistences in how rules are being applied.

Rangers, as we know, requested 10,000 fans be allowed inside Ibrox for trophy day, and that request was thrown out pretty quickly.

But then 12,500 fans were allowed into Hampden twice for two separate Euro group matches, making fans raise more than an eye.

But to make it even more bizarre, hypocritical and confusing, the government haven’t yet budged from the Covid restrictions for Flag Day at Ibrox, meaning potentially just 2,000 fans would be allowed into Ibrox on the opening day of the new season.

So, just so we’re clear – Rangers NOT allowed the 10K, NOT allowed more than the 2K, but Scotland happily allowed a figure clearly bigger than both? Twice?

Furthermore, Silverstone in F1 next month will have a full capacity crowd of 140,000 people, but Rangers can’t have more than 2K?

We suppose there’s profit in the Euros but no profit to the government to Rangers.

All about money? Greed? Corruption?

You tell us, folks.

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  1. Total hypocrisy from that shower of charlatans in Holyrood. You are right if they had not let fans into Hampden then there would have been severe financial penalties for the SFA and the government. When domestic football returns they dont give a monkey’s about fans. To allow only 2k into Ibrox is ridiculous but not surprising.
    The double standards was shown in spades when that joke of a support the tartan army were allowed to maraude through London 20000 strong and no condemnation from the SNP was forthcoming indeed they praised these idiots as being great ambassadors for the country.

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