The man who just ‘wouldn’t walk away’

The man who just ‘wouldn’t walk away’
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We’re going to do something deeply irresponsible and pick one man we feel has been pivotal in the Journey – we’re going to name the Rangers man we think had the biggest impact on getting from where we were to where we are.

And that man is Ally McCoist.

Lord knows we were harsh on Super back in the day – we brutalised his management, tore some of his decisions to shreds, and even questioned his character.

We were about as tough as it got on him – and yet we couldn’t speak higher of him now if we tried.

No one man took the weight of this club and its nightmare in 2012 on like Ally did – no one else was the face of the club amidst the media scrum, the media glare, the abuse.

He took it all, everything – he had some wonderful counsel in the late and great Sandy, but Ally really was the face of Rangers during our darkest days, and that moment he said from the car that we don’t do walking away was the most important day in our modern history.

It kept fans sane, if not together – we were sure going through supporter wars, protests, trauma, stress, you name it – and Ally was taking it all, being us, for us, and holding it together.

We absolutely destroyed his management, we slammed his conduct in places, we gave him very little slack – but if it wasn’t for Ally where would we be today?

He laid the foundation for the rebirth of our club – gave us something to aim for.

We all knew it was going to be a VERY long journey – yours truly didn’t believe we’d see the SPL title for another 3 or 4 years from now.

But we still had our club, because Ally wouldn’t walk away.

Of course, eventually, the pressure of 3 years of it told and he did finally cave, but he’d taken the brunt of everything for so long that he had to finally look after his own health.

Ally, we thank you, for everything you did, you gave us everything you had for 3 years and we’ll be eternally grateful. Rangers are back where they belong because you wouldn’t walk away.

And that’s never to be forgotten.

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