A Rangers miracle from the Hedge to History

A Rangers miracle from the Hedge to History
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This one is a more profound entry, as us slightly older Bears look back on the Journey and appreciate just where we are now.

This all began around 2010/2011 when Lloyds Bank was breathing down our neck, and appointing a board member due to the debt. SDM had had enough, pawned us to Craig Whyte who did some very naughty things and left the administrators to deal with the mess.

It culminated in our oldco being mothballed and a newco taking over, and finding ourselves in front of that Hedge in 2012.

We all remember this, we all remember being in the ditches of Scottish football, of facing the Brechins, the Alloas, the Elgins.

I say we, but of course there’s an entire young generation of fans outside Ibrox right now who know little to nothing of where we were beyond stories from slightly before their time, and our being weak and lower league was something they’ve simply grown up with.

Us older Bears know where we were in 2009 and earlier, we know what it was to be Rangers and our club – and we are the ones who truly cherish being back there again.

As Ally said it, even the terrible players we had in 2012 and onwards who had ‘no place being anywhere near Rangers’ played their part – the Cribaris, the Coles, the Perrys, the Argyrious – all these guys played a piece in bringing this club out of the hole it was in, and we are thankful to the lot of them.

And now that hole is gone – this club is well and truly where it belongs again.

We’ve raised ourselves by our bootlaces and now we’re the kings of Scotland once more – and it all culminated in lifting 55 today.

A lot of tears have been shed today, a lot of glasses being raised and a lot of appreciation to be where we are once again.

It’s been 10 years in the making.

But it feels like only yesterday Carlos Bocanegra was leading us out at Glebe Park.

We lost everything that year.

And we fought for 10 years to earn it again.

And we did it, and how.


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