Rangers POTY shocker obliterates ‘Invincibles’ season…

Rangers POTY shocker obliterates ‘Invincibles’ season…
Could give it to any of them....

Rangers’ stunning clean sweep of the SFWA awards is yet more evidence of the remarkable season the club has had, and we can rarely remember a season in which one club provided all four nominations for a POTY award, whichever body was doing the presenting.

Allan McGregor, James Tavernier, Connor Goldson and Steven Davis make up the shortlist, with not a soul from Celtic, Hibs or Aberdeen even getting close, which just demonstrates how far ahead Rangers are from the rest of the league.

Not even Celtic last season could provide more than two, nor the season before that. No, despite their domestic domination, they couldn’t get close to how good Rangers have been, and this is reflected in the nominations this season. Not even Celtic’s Invincible season saw a clean sweep, with Jonny Hayes making it only 3 of 4.

No, Rangers this season were very, very special, and that clean sweep ensures it’s comfortably a Rangers player to be POTY from the Writers’ point of view.

Who should it be?

Ibrox Noise is torn, but the two we’re probably not going to go with, controversially, are:

Tav – miles better than anything in the league, but his form stopped in early January plus the injury too. We loved his first half, it was incredulous, but it didn’t remotely carry into this year.

McGregor – had a quiet first half of the season, but still performed very well, but his second half was just world class. So he didn’t NEED to produce in that first half. But the second was crazy. Just like Tav but the other way around.

But Goldson and Davis? Absolutely outstanding consistently and the two Rangers players who kept their brilliant levels up all season. We’d edge it to Davis.

But… of course any of the four are truly worthy winners and we’d be quite happy with any of them.

Either way though, not even Celtic’s Invincible season could give them a clean sweep.

Simply the Best.

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