Latest media attack on Rangers hits new low

Latest media attack on Rangers hits new low
St Mirren v Celtic - Scottish Premiership - Simple Digital Arena St Mirren goalkeeper Zdenek Zlamal during the Scottish Premiership match at the Simple Digital Arena, Paisley. EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeffxHolmesx 57413493

What does a Hearts goalie have to do with Rangers? Not a lot is the answer, but that didn’t stop a national red top wheeling out Bobby Zlamal, a Czech, to attack Rangers based on the Kudela Kamara scandal.

Indeed, during a time when most of us have moved on from that one, the rag reckoned they had to find another stick to beat the club with, when they sought out Zlamal, who is currently in his homeland, incidentally, to have a further go at the club despite the situation v Praha having absolutely nothing to do with him.

This really was gutter behaviour from the gutter press, dredging up something from months ago to further attempt to destabilise Rangers.

Just after the police confirmed no criminality against the club, the press had to find some other negative story or angle to try to hurt us with, to sell papers, to get clicks – and Zlamal was the latest tool to use for that purpose.

There has been incessant attacks on our club in the press the past week – ever since 55 was lifted, it’s been a torrent of abuse we can only compare to the dark days of 2012-.

We will have a fuller analysis coming up soon of this but safe to say no one likes us…

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  1. As True Rangers People say WE Don’t Care ! However we actually do care about slimy slithering mis truths that slander our great club from poor journalists who are too lazy to get good copy.

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