Beeb reporter does a runner amidst Rangers verdict

Beeb reporter does a runner amidst Rangers verdict
Another naughty boy we think.....

There is little shock tonight as the BBC fail miserably to cover Rangers’ exoneration on their main football page and left only the Scottish section to have a look at the story.

Equally, Chris McLaughlin, usually so visible around Rangers stories, is now nowhere to be seen despite being the chief reporter for the Beeb in Scotland.

What a surprise.

Indeed, McLaughlin has made his career from exploiting Rangers’ dark days, and when the events following the trophy day circulated in the press, the hack was first in line to report, even highlighting a ‘covid breach’ as a bubble spent time together celebration.

But now the club is vindicated, exonerated and no criminal act is visible, McLaughlin has done a runner and won’t be seen till the next time he can muckrake and find something to smear our club with.

And he wonders why this club withdrew match day co-operation with him.

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  1. Only to be expected from peanut
    Nobody gives a fk about the little diddy🤡

  2. This piece of garbage will see his arse . He takes false courage hanging around a deserted Ibrox externally and delights in pursuing us downing us and disrespecting us true or not .

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