Major implications for Kamara as Rangers process ban

Major implications for Kamara as Rangers process ban
11th April 2021 Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland Scottish Premiership Football, Rangers versus Hibernian Glen Kamara of Rangers warms up before kick off PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12280630 AlanxRennie

With today’s judgement, a lot of things can be drawn from the respective bans to both Kudela and Kamara who got 10 and 3 match bans respectively, but the one thing we’re not too sure on is whether Glen Kamara will now miss Finland’s Euro campaign.

The ban applies to ‘UEFA competition’, which for Kudela certainly means the rest of his team’s UEL campaign and his country’s participation in the Euros, but for Kamara does it mean the same?

That he’ll be available for the remaining split matches but won’t be available for his country’s first three fixtures in the Euros?

Or does it mean both players are now blanket banned for all league and cup matches both domestically and continental?

Either way, the ban on Kamara is ludicrous – Praha and Kudela contrived a fictional attack as a way of diverting attention from his own crime, and it’s led to Kamara being ‘sentenced’.

But the real impact is exactly what matches Kamara is banned for – is it just next season’s CL? This summer’s Euros?

Answers on a postcard….

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