‘Landmark’ UEFA ruling is in fact a disaster for everyone

‘Landmark’ UEFA ruling is in fact a disaster for everyone
Sure, whatever you say.....

The ruling released today revealed a massive seismic change in the ‘world of racism’ and UEFA have both failed to take the proper action while equally making a rod for their own back.

Glen Kamara’s ban is a farce – banned as a token symbol of Kudela’s accusation ‘to be fair’, but there’s zero evidence and Rangers are considering an appeal.

Kudela, on the other hand, sees a ruling which is unprecedented – he’s been banned for racism by UEFA without any absolute clear hard definitive evidence – which leads to two extraordinary outcomes:

UEFA have absolutely bungled YET AGAIN by only giving him 10 matches. Widely-criticised, this was the minimum sentence they could delivery, and the sentence is a cop out.

However, they’ve equally opened the floodgates now to ANY PLAYER BEING ABLE TO ACCUSE ANYONE ELSE of racism, without evidence, and the precedent is set for at least a 10-match ban.

Only UEFA could mess this up worse than the SFA normally do, and completely ruin what could have been an excellent message to the would-be racists of this world – instead, they’ve created a precedent that could absolutely wreck players’ careers just because someone vindictive accused someone else of racism.

To convict without clear undisputed evidence (sure we all KNOW he said it, but the actual hard proof doesn’t exist) opens a precedent, one that can be abused.

Meanwhile, in this case, he’s found guilty, and banned for the weakest term – which shows how seriously UEFA take racism after all.

As if we didn’t already know.

What complete spanners.

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