Shock twist as Praha throw Ondrej Kudela to the wolves

Shock twist as Praha throw Ondrej Kudela to the wolves
What an ugly scene this was....

Slavia Prague’s already-diminishing reputation took another whack today after the club unceremoniously kicked Ondrej Kudela to the kerb despite unconditionally backing him for 3 weeks.

Today’s UEFA judgement, which found him guilty of racism and banned him for 10 matches, has been accepted without quarrel by the Czech side, and not only have they taken it on the chin, they’ve gone one step further and COMPLETELY u-turned on their previous ridiculous support for the defender.

It’s another twist in a comically sad saga as their club stood by his side and backed him up completely, denying all racism, before hilarious changing tack and now slamming him while unconditionally apologising to Glen Kamara, who was the victim of the disgusting racial assault.

Of course, UEFA’s judgement has had an impact, and the club did say they’d respect the outcome of any investigation, but equally their blind support for their man made them look every inch the racists he’s proven to be, but then dumping him as soon as the verdict came out only made them look worse.

Thing is, they were in a no-win situation, but then, that’s what you get for backing up a clear racist – tarred with the same brush…

Praha now look like dishonourable scoundrels and no one in world football would trust them as far as they can throw them.

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  1. This may well be the case but their previous support of Kudela and the lengths they went to bring Rangers into disrepute should have saw them hit with a club ban from Europe because of their lies and deceit.

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