Praha star’s unwitting actions prove Kudela’s racism

Praha star’s unwitting actions prove Kudela’s racism
What an ugly scene this was....

I waited patiently before posting this, because I wanted to see what everyone was going to say before pointing out that the evidence for racial abuse was staring us right in the face.

Everyone rightly points out the reaction by Glen Kamara and Bongani Zungu in the immediate aftermath, but directly beside Kamara was one other player, who should now be right at the center of this investigation and that is Simon Deli.

The facts is Deli was the only Slavia Prague player that was close enough to hear what was said, and it is also obvious he made absolutely no move to defend his so-called team mate, Ondrej Kudela, after the entire Rangers team exploded.

If UEFA is looking for evidence that Ondrej made a racist comment, they only have to ask Simon Deli what occurred.

As we just said, he was close enough to hear what was said, and his reaction suggests he was not keen to defend his “team”, and then there something else significant to consider.

Simon Deli is not a Slavia Prague player.

Deli is only on loan from Brugges, which means, unlike all the other players in the Slavia Prague team, he has absolutely no loyalty to Slavia Prague, and absolutely no reason to be loyal to Ondrej Kudela.

So, will UEFA now be asking him what happened?

No, there is zero chance for that…

That is unless we all start making some Ibrox Noise, and force them to look into this.

This racism needs to be exposed and the culprits need to be punished.

UEFA, we are asking you. What are you going to do?

We’re watching….

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  1. as it was witnessed by another player why not escalate it to police scotland and have him charged ??? My opinion is that this is the only way A criminal record would put a stop to alot of racism

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