Hypocrisy as media attacks Rangers on day of 55

Hypocrisy as media attacks Rangers on day of 55
Rangers fans - Ibrox Stadium Rangers fans celebrate in George Square after Rangers win the Scottish Premiership title. Picture date: Sunday March 7, 2021. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJanexBarlowx 58484478

We’re going to tackle this story head on, despite the cause for celebration at Ibrox – and that is the Rangers gatherings both outside our home and in George Square, despite lockdown and both government and club pleas to go home.

Make no mistake, this isn’t good, and few would argue otherwise – we don’t want to take sides, because the jubilant celebrations are understandable, and we can hear fireworks going even as yours truly is cobbling this together.

And we do appeal for the fans to take that advice and go home – but then, given the police haven’t really done much to stop them, what can we actually say?

But, what really gets us is the high and mighty indignation, particularly from Celtic fans and those in the media, when they were stoically quiet during the repeated protests from their brothers and sisters last year.

Indeed, the very ones (rightly) berating fans for violating lockdown don’t seem to have had too much of an issue with their brethren swamping the east of Glasgow and doing something in much the same numbers.

The reality is, we know these gatherings are wrong, and could pose a serious health hazard – we are crossing our fingers vaccination numbers and herd immunity has now maybe started to kick in, and the problem will turn out to be less than we fear.

But we won’t stand for snippy little know-it-alls putting their oars in when they were remarkably sedate about protests at Parkhead.

We remember the pictures, and hell, these punters probably agreed with the protests never mind failing to condemn them – no one is going to claim there’s a consistency here.

Let’s be clear again – we want our fans to go home and behave – we don’t mean that patronisingly because Lord knows we all (theoretically) love the scenes of the fans in jubilation.

But there could be a cost here.

There is one other point – Liverpool fans did the same last season as well. It’s hard to stop jubilant supporters who just got a league title for the first time in forever from letting that exuberance explode.

But we appeal for them to stop now.

They had their fun, and the world knows we won 55.

But we’d also like the self righteous and hypocritical indignation from other quarters to wind their necks in too.

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  1. Yes its great to see but lets be sensible guys there will be a time and place to celebrate the 55 back at ibrox hopefully

  2. 100% agree. The scenes were wild with joy unlike certain other protests or marches. Was always going to happen regardless of who won the title and to call out Rangers to do something when it’s the job of the police to control is shocking in my opinion. Regardless 55 is in the bag. Now time to focus on Europe. WATP 🔴⚪🔵

  3. Hypocrisy is right, Ross, Yousa and all the others bellyaching about the celebrations can go and do one. Take a real look at Scotlands lockdown. Motor homes parked up at the seafront, cars towing tents laden with mountain bikes and popular destinations with thier car parks full. Diy stores full of people charging around inside. These bleeding hearts need to get a grip.
    A massive well done to All concerned with our club on winning 55 cant wait to go back to Ibrox.

  4. 100% agree, but as a bereaved forces father I am absolutely devastated at the damage to Memorial Benches in George Square. I don’t doubt it wasn’t done intentionally, but that’s no excuse.
    From the high of 55 yesterday I have gone to absolute despair – physically sick at the thought of how the other bereaved parents will feel. My son lost his life while serving as a Royal Marine in Afghanistan – he was a former RSABC player and (like me) a season ticket holder, he too would be bereft at the thoughtless actions.
    I know there are stories and counter stories about cleaning up – that to me is insignificant compared to the damage. I also am aware of crowd funding efforts to replace the benches, but the damage has been done. I think the club need to make comment on this specific issue and not just on Covid restrictions.
    I do not blame the club – or the Police, who aren’t even under consideration for vaccinations despite being in the front line. There is really nothing that can be done when the gatherings are so large scale.

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