Farce as Italian giants steal Hagi story

Farce as Italian giants steal Hagi story
He may be set to leave....

Italian giants Gazzetto Dello Sport shamelessly stole Ibrox Noise’s story about Romanian Ianis Hagi and have claimed it as their own, which amused us endlessly.

The forward, who as we told you from Italy, (not GDS) is the subject of as €10M move from Roman giants Lazio, and Rangers will certainly seek more than that, but the Milan-based sports paper appear to have seized the story inside 24 hours and claimed it as theirs.

We suppose it’s flattery that such a big national like GDS would do that, but can’t help the notion that the story, which then spread back in the UK, found itself quoting GDS as the source.

Which was quite the giggle.

Are GDS reliable? Are any tabloids?

Italy has two main giant sports papers, GDS and Corriere, which is its Roman counterpart. How reliable they are depends on the sources they get, and of course the information they steal.

But we’ll always have a laugh when a publication that big just nicks our story and then our own country steals it from them!

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