Does Stevie G have a huge moral dilemma to solve?

Does Stevie G have a huge moral dilemma to solve?
It's his call....

Steven Gerrard… doesn’t really have a decision to make at all tomorrow night. While some Rangers fans will still debate the wherefores and whys about Nathan Patterson and the club’s u-turn on his internal ban, what matters truly right now is winning football matches.

And with James Tavernier’s injury set to last another week or two, Leon Balogun’s difficult first half v Antwerp strongly hinted his competent days of RB are a thing of the past – which leaves only one option at RB.

Ibrox Noise were clear about our opinion of both the reversal on the Covid Five and indeed the inclusion of a bunch of them on the bench on Thursday.

We’re no hypocrites, we weren’t happy with it and it sent out the wrong message and most of you completely agreed with that.

We still aren’t happy with it and that hasn’t changed.

But it’s become clear, from a completely clinical and objective point of view, that Leon Balogun’s best days of Tav’s position back when he plied his trade with Werder Bremen are now a distant memory and against a tough opponent the big Nigerian is really going to struggle.

And Livi will be far from pushovers.

It’s a tricky dilemma – the morals of giving Nathan Patterson the starting jersey versus the clinical fact he’s the best we have available for that position by a mile.

What’s more important – the right moral message being sent out, or 55?

We’ll leave that to the club’s conscience and that of our valued readers.

But we’ll equally leave you with this – the decision was taken already when the three of them were on Rangers’ bench on Thursday – that already confirmed what the call was and the fact that not only Patterson came on but Zungu did as well suggested strongly that the final decision has been taken and Nathan Patterson will start tomorrow.

Is that right? Football-wise absolutely. Morally? As we say, we’ll leave that up to you.

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