Chief Celtic fan tries to have Old Firm clash scrapped?

Chief Celtic fan tries to have Old Firm clash scrapped?
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The government, police and SPFL remain no closer to announcing whether or not Sunday’s Old Firm match will actually take place, with fears remaining about crowds congregating outside the ground.

The fixture, which has been in doubt for some time, saw Celtic once again erecting barriers to prevent their own fans from trying to gain entry, and chiefs of police, the governance of the SPFL, the SFA, and of course the government itself remain completely in limbo about what to do next.

Scottish Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf has taken the unprecedented step of failing to rule out a complete cancellation of the match, although he’s equally watered that down to a ‘postponement’ as well, but then he’s a Celtic fan and a well-known Rangers hater who would likely love to see the match axed.

Either way, the match is utterly up in the air, with fears that fan gather from both sides and cause a further spread of the latest Covid variant which is said to be far more infectious than previous ones.

Is it all down to Yousaf and his wanting to not see the Champions at his beloved Parkhead?

We’re sure he’s in a better position to tell us, but going by the overtures from the government, the match’s chances of being played are decreasing by the day.

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  1. as a fan i live in stornoway i thoughtit was terrible the fans causing trouble but i admit if i lived in glasgow i would have been there celebrating as well but i dont see why the match should be off if the rangers rangers fans stay away wehave had our celebrations thats enough for the moment give thema promise to stay away that should be enough there is always next season

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