Rangers & ‘The Knee’….

Rangers & ‘The Knee’….
Collin Quaner rejecting the knee.

Eagle-eyed Rangers fans will have noticed St Mirren’s Collin Quaner did NOT take the knee when the Buddies came to Ibrox recently, and today Wilfried Zaha also rejected the chance.

Both men are black, and both men, like every footballer and individual around, has the opportunity to choose whether or not to do it.

The reality is, the knee’s time is ‘done’ – as many prominent black leaders have now started to argue, it’s become an empty gesture that has sadly been completely politicised and it’s been hijacked from its noble origins to what appears now to be an agenda.

It’s time for Rangers to reject the standardisation of the gesture, and only the players in our team who want to do it, such as Joe Aribo, should do it, and be respected and supported for that.

We have zero issue with individual choice, but we’re not absolutely sure this was one of them – it feels like an expected gesture that almost all players are falling in line with.

We’re sure as heck not getting involved with politics, we’re all about the Rangers here, but it’s time for players to have the standard right whether or not to engage, whatever their skin colour may be, without being judged for it.

No one has objections to equal rights, but seeing Rangers players do it to this day smacks of a lack of individual choice.

We are absolutely sure BLM supporters will slaughter this article, call us Hitler (yup, had that one before) or racists. They are free to do so.

We just hope the wider audience see our point is not one of hate, but of choice.

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  1. I’ve said from the outset that there was absolutely no way that every player wanted to take the knee. Some were without a doubt doing it against their will which made it an empty gesture from the very start. Well done to Saha for making a stand. It will probably take a prominent black player to put an end to this nonsense. Then I’ll be able to watch Match of the Day without the politics.

  2. It was never black lives in the 1st place it was about a marxist takeover of America. BLM have done nothing whatsoever for black lives except to ruin black lives, that’s a fact, you can check it out. Racism has no place in sport. A few dickheads from the terrace who should be allowed to say what they like but they shouldn’t bee allowed into football matches to spew their shite, and if they want it banned from social media that’s up to the social media companies.

  3. BLM is political. They are responsible for looting, rioting and murdering business owners in America. Democrat Mayors and Governors all pro Biden are part of that mess. America was ruined because of BLM.

    BLM ruined the states like the SNP ruined Scotland.

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