A very personal thank you from Ibrox Noise to Joe Aribo & Rangers

A very personal thank you from Ibrox Noise to Joe Aribo & Rangers
He may be set to leave....

Ibrox Noise owes a debt of gratitude to Joe Aribo, and the colossal midfielder knows why.

Without going into details, Joe did a very good turn for us, for someone in need, and we’d like to make a very personal thank you, and to highlight the stunning work our club and all the players, not just Joe, do behind the scenes to give back to the supporters who give their hearts to this club.

Joe has only been at Ibrox for 20 months, and regulars will know we’ve always been massive fans of his talent, just waiting for that talent to truly explode, and it did v Utd and he’s looked such a powerhouse player since then.

But it’s his off-field work, the stuff that goes unnoticed, unpraised – just like so many things the squad and the manager do that most fans never know about.

Don’t get us wrong, these acts are not carried out by the players to receive thanks or praise – they do it because they can, and they’re in a privileged position to help those in need.

Obviously the Xmas visit to sick kids (formerly at Yorkhill now the Royal Hospital for Children) is a well-known one, but there’s hundreds of little things they do that never get mentioned or talked about.

As it should be. But we wanted to make an exception – on this of all days, to give a mention to the wonderful work these players and the club do off the field in the name of Rangers to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Other clubs do it too, and it would be churlish to ignore that – footballers have a great platform to help the needy, and we can proudly say our club is especially prominent for this.

So thank you Joe, and thank you Rangers.

You are appreciated, and not just for 55.

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