“Stumbling” – complacent Gers slip up again

“Stumbling” – complacent Gers slip up again
HAMILTON, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 07: Ross Callachan of Hamilton Academical celebrates with team mates after scoring their side's first goal during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Hamilton Academical and Rangers at Hope CBD Stadium on February 07, 2021 in Hamilton, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

When we were scathing some weeks ago about the rank rotten display at Fir Park and argued this Rangers side had shown a complete lack of ethic and care about the match, we were slaughtered by many for suggesting the players don’t care.

Since then, despite mostly winning, it’s evident a number of these players are in autopilot mode and have already got their heads in 21/22 or worse.

While Gerrard’s team selection was not the best (Zungu, really?) the complete lethargic display from too many of those players shot ourselves in the foot again as just like at Fir Park, a lack of guts and effort cost us two points.

This Rangers team is not convincingly striding to 55, it’s stumbling.

There. Bold. I said it.

It had been glorious till the turn of the year, but once again a new year lull has set in and the performances are mostly horrible.

We can’t remember the last all-round good display from this squad, certainly not this year, and it’s ugly on the eyes.

Thankfully, we’ve been grafting out wins far more often than not and it’s bailed our displays out.

But today Rangers didn’t even score – an OG gave us an undeserved lead, and Hamilton’s 11th hour equaliser gave them a more than deserved point.

Now, let’s be clear – I am not slaughtering this club and we can as a whole be absolutely thrilled with the imminent 55 and the effort from the players to get there. It’s been incredible.

But the turn of the year has definitely seen a downturn in effort, performance and play overall, as more and more players have seemed to switch off.

We absolutely know Stevie will be giving every player a barrel load of hell in that dressing room, every player apart from McGregor and Davis, that is, who shone above everyone.

We want to say we NEVER expect to see that again, but we’re sure we said that after Motherwell and here we are again.

It’s not ‘you can’t win them all’ because that’s true – but you MUST show guts in them all.

And Rangers, recently, far too many times, haven’t.

Time to read the riot act and scare these guys into getting back into where they were before New Year.

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  1. we got exactly what we deserved today, in fact, we deserved to get beat today, we have been garbage for ages, only player to score above a 4 is McGregor, rest have been fucking atrocious, first start for Zungu and l hope its the last he wears the blue shirt, Kamara who l prayed we would sell in the window there, very much over rated, once again fucking garbage, these players expect to turn up and take all 3 points, we have scraped winning for ages, first bit of opposition and we will get hammered, forget Europe, we will be out after we play Antwerp, this is not a kneejerk reaction, it has been coming for long enough, we will win the league comfortably, but the whole team needs a kick up the arse and as l said before, Wright, total waste of money, Jake Hastie Mk 2, today is another example how much we miss Morelos, fed up and pissed off

  2. Ross County aside we’ve been poor, sometimes very poor, since we beat Aberdeen 4-0 before Christmas. It worries me that we have players in our dressing room that can’t step up at this time. Some of these guys have never won anything and might never win anything again if they are moved on. If they had the attitude of McGregor in his post match interview we would’ve won that game 5-0. I’m really fed up hearing “we are finding different ways to win games”. Why not do it the old fashioned way and actually go out determined to win the game by hard work and ability rather than waiting for the win to come to us.

  3. I have to totally agree that was the worst we have played all season. Wrong team wrong attitude , slack wastefull and sluggish ….Shite . Zungu didn’t take his chance . So poor

  4. If it wiz 10 points id be worried but its 20 points ffs calm doon,a shite day on plastic pitch move on and learn,no be long till the buffs back

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