“He’s struggling – 5”: Rangers players rated v Hamilton

“He’s struggling – 5”: Rangers players rated v Hamilton
HAMILTON, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 07: Steven Gerrard, Manager of Rangers looks on prior to the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Hamilton Academical and Rangers at Hope CBD Stadium on February 07, 2021 in Hamilton, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A bad day at the office for Rangers, and Ibrox Noise picks up our ratings for you on an afternoon to forget.


It wasn’t even a contest, by a distance our best player and no team has forced more saves out of him all season. He was excellent, but he shouldn’t have needed to be. He will be fuming at the equaliser. 9


Desperately poor from Tavernier whose absolutely ridiculous high before Xmas has faded and he’s looking at the moment very much like the Tavernier who got so many pelters in the past. Defensively all over the place, and isn’t offering very much in an attacking sense these days any more. Hopefully he’ll get it back but right now he’s struggling. 5


Actually not one of his better ones – at one point he slammed a stupid pass over to Helander which nearly cost a goal. Looked shaky under pressure. 6


Won’t thank Goldson for ‘that’ pass but did handle it poorly as well. Was caught a couple of times and struggled to contain his man. 6


Technically nearly bailed us out with another of his fine crosses, but otherwise didn’t really get into this one. As we said in our last appraisal, both FBs are struggling these days, and this was another difficult afternoon for the Croat. 6


Sketchy. He gave the ball away with some loose possession and frankly didn’t really look that up for it today. 6


Will get pelters but he’s just not been a good signing yet. Was unable to influence this match and didn’t do a lot defensively either. 5


Honestly, the result made his display look worse than it was – actually got some good dribbles going, and tried to make things happen in that first half. But did fade as it went on. 7


This boy is dearly struggling but isn’t being rested like he needs to be. His work rate is still there but the confidence isn’t – and we’re fed up with seeing his head in his hands after another shot missed on his right foot. 6


As always, taken off despite a fairly energetic display, Hagi was willing to try to work the goalie from outside the box and just gets on with it. He was ok. 6


Some lovely touches, and excellent vision from the Swiss but got no service at all and had nothing to gobble on. 7



Added a touch of spine that Rangers needed, but his defensive impact was non-existent. Did add more in an offensive sense. 6


This is where it changed. Hamilton, from being camped in our box, were now camped in their own as Davo came on and ran the show. His impact allowed us to play more like we can. 8


Looked bright, but lacked belief as he thundered into the area and twice refused to shoot when the chance was there. 6


Steven Gerrard got the selection wrong again – just in the past few matches there are errors creeping in from the boss who might just be believing the hype right now. We love him, but selecting Zungu was not a good idea and continuing with Kent wasn’t either. Like the squad as a whole right now, it’s far from flawless from the manager. 5


We are rating today on its own terms, coupled with recent weeks. It doesn’t change the big picture – Rangers have been incredible this season, and no one will be happier than us when we lift 55, but it would be a lie and a disservice to you if we claimed today was an isolated incident over the past few weeks. We won’t insult your intelligence.

All we want now is 55 brought home.

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  1. Not much to disagree with in there. If anything you have been a bit over generous with your marks. This isn’t an ability issue. It’s all about attitude and it needs to be sorted out. This is Rangers and we don’t accept players choosing when they want to play. The management team have to work out where this poor attitude comes from and root these players out, and that might involve some very popular players.

  2. Pretty much on point with the assessment & ratings! When 55 ultimately arrives in the coming months the plaudits will go to Tav, Goldson, Borna, Davis or Jack…..but Allan MacGregor in my opinion has been the difference this season, I firmly believe if Celtic had held onto Fraser Forster there would not of been such a spectacular Timplosion over recent months & there would potentially be a closer title race going on! Greegsy has been phenomenal when we have required it, games like today when the chips are down he pulled off save after save & should of walked away with a clean sheet, on that note why did Jobbey Madden allow the game to go into Fergie time?? There was barely any stoppages though out the whole match & time should of been called 2 minutes earlier than it was……As for the form or lack of in some of our top stars…..ever since the defeat in Paisley that knocked us out of the cup teams are all lining up against us with a similair formation to St Mirren that night which really suffocates both our full backs, & the lack of Jack & Arfield in MF in recent months has left us relying on Kamara & Aribo to be the driving force in the middle of the park, both decent players but at same time are poor out of possession & don’t put in the kind of shift Jack & Arf do, Jack & Arf also burst there arse to cover the gaps left by the flying full backs…..today feels like a defeat but we are still miles in front & undefeated so not all doom & gloom….onto the next game

    • They had Trafford down injured requiring lengthy physio treatment on 2 occasions as well as all the subs so time added wasn’t particularly long.

  3. Spot on withe ratings , perhaps apart from Aribo who was one effective about twice in the match. Kent atrocious he contributed nothing and next to Tav who was also totally pish, the most to give away possession everytime they had the ball. Gregsy superb and rightfully disgusted with his teammates as was Boydie they know what winning is all about at Rangers. I do hope they have a chance to learn something from this as it would be a shame to limp home to 55 instead of Striding Forward to claim our Crown .

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