Sky Sports Rangers shocker should be investigated

Sky Sports Rangers shocker should be investigated
They hate the Rangers...

We alluded to this in an earlier piece, when talking about Morelos’ charge when others get away scot free.

In 2017 American golfer Lexi Thompson was on her way to a major, an eagle-eyed viewer spotted that she’d broken the rules in her round and wrote in, live on air. The officials were alerted to this and docked her four strokes which cost the title. The incident nearly broke her to pieces.

Now, don’t get us wrong – the right outcome did happen, sadly for Thompson, because by the laws of the game she’d violated protocol.

But it should NEVER have been ‘trial by TV’ which cost her the title. If the officials didn’t notice the rule break, that’s not on Thompson, it’s on them. No viewer should ever have that kind of power over the participants.

Which brings us to Andy Walker – have we ever seen a level of vitriol and desperation before from a commentator to see a player hung as Morelos was by the biased commentator in midweek?

And it wasn’t just Walker, it was Sky Sports overall, covering it, ensuring it didn’t go unnoticed, raising it for the rest of the match and repeatedly calling out the Compliance Officer to deal with it.

Not a word on Darren McGregor’s stamp and only a token reference to the kicking of the ball out from Allan McGregor’s hand.

This is simply unacceptable from both Walker and Sky.

Even Kris Boyd called out his paymasters and Walker by wondering why on earth other incidents weren’t also being highlighted in this manner.

This was frankly some of the most vulgar partiality and targeting we’ve seen in TV coverage north of the border.

And it ensured Morelos got charged.

Commentators and broadcasters do not have the right to influence football decisions. Their job is to cover it with fairness and no tribalism.

But what we saw at Easter Road went way over the line, and you’d honestly have thought Morelos had committed an actual crime.

Neutral broadcasting?

We dearly miss BT Sports…

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  1. It was like the buffalo show ffs repeat after repeat of the buff fannies,wasnt that when broon was sent off the other week nothing said,what are they two idiots comentating on a Rangets game anyway!

  2. It’s been a joke for years having Crocker and Walker have the ability to talk up incidents so highly they get Michael Stewart riled up to the point he has to re-emphasis their points on twitter and Sportscene. Watch the incident at full speed from any angle and it looks nowhere near as bad but the fact the citation reads wasn’t seen by the referee or his assistants is pure and utter nonsense. Both McGregor and Ross have said Clancy told them he saw it as no more than a coming together. You honestly can’t make it up.

  3. It’s a repetitive habit by both Walker and Crocker 100% anti Rangers you can hear it in their tone when we win well and get it done . They are totally green both in their biased attitude and their hilarious envy of Rangers . It’s so enjoyable to hear them squeal and wine as we go marching on to our destiny lol Fuck em !

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