Morelos SFA stunner proves Stevie G was right all along

Morelos SFA stunner proves Stevie G was right all along
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his teams first goal scored by Ryan Kent during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

You knew this was coming, of course it was.

We’ve had 24 hours to digest the news Alfredo Morelos is to be charged for the stamp and faces a three-match ban.

Now, let’s be clear – it was a stamp, but it was also small retribution for the garbage the ‘victim’ serial thug Ryan Porteous has dished out on our club over the years to no repercussions, including an off-ball elbow on Morelos himself.

This is not to say two wrongs make a right, because they don’t, but the glee with which Andy Walker and Sky went after Morelos but made next to no deal out of either Darren McGregor’s blatant stamp or the ball being kicked out of Allan McGregor’s hands was absolutely obvious.

And now thanks to trial by TV and insistence from the likes of the former Celtic striker we now see Clare Whyte offering him a three man ban.

Morelos was in the wrong, we’re not moral hypocrites here, and we know he stamped.

But the disgusting inconsistency in letting so many other ‘felonies’ of the Scottish sport away with it is absolutely transparent.

Remember Ryan Edwards’ appalling ‘tackle’ on Alfredo Morelos and how it was let go completely, only for Steven Gerrard to be cited over commenting over his curiosity how it would have panned out had Morelos been the perpetrator:

“I’d be very interested to see what the decision would have been from the officials had the shoe been on the other foot and it was Alfredo who had made that tackle.”

Well, now we know. We now know if it had been Morelos, he’d have been banned for three matches.

Because that’s EXACTLY how it’s worked out.

There’s no denying Rangers’ striker is targeted. We just didn’t have complete unequivocal proof and irrefutable evidence till now.

Over to you, Clare…

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  1. This one doesn’t surprise me but certainly confuses me. First of all, thought Mrs Whyte had left the fucking building and I’ve heard of no announcement regarding her replacent…so who’s calling this? Second of all, the tribunal process is an absolute farce. Since January 2018 Rangers players have accounted for 1/4 of all citations, Buff an 1/8th of those. No Shellick player has ever been called upon and 40% of the incidents cited have been against them. Yet it’s us that are getting all the help to stop the 10. Absolute farce.

  2. Once again the corrupted green infiltrated system aims it’s putrid hate at the Famous . Agree with Broxi who’s overseeing this bias ??? , it could be a list of many who hate all things Rangers. I’m not condoning Morelos he’s a silly boy . But as you say that wretch Porteous has done worse. Onwards 55 WATP .. .

  3. surely it can’t be hard for th club to call out the double standards going on with this… Alfie desverese a ban he’s a got it in him to do silly things sometimes we all know it but some of th things tht go unpunished is a joke.. it surely wouldn’t take long for someone in th rangers media team to put a Video together of unpunished incidents this season and demand to know why it’s not worthy of punishment yet Alfie always is guilty… it’s not like it’s just been this season it’s going on I want to see my club push back on this topic and not just by th manager commenting on it or a statement that th media will rubbish… video evidence is out there put it together and put th question to them… watp mon th gers

    • Absolutely agree. The club don’t get much wrong these days but this is one area where they let themselves down. They have to protect their players and seek fairness across the board. Morelos was stupid and once again put himself before the club and could easily have jeopardised our result. But he is definitely judged by a different standard to others. It’s inconceivable that Ceptic have never been cited because their players never step over the line. So you need to ask why that is. The club should be keeping track of these incidents to ensure fairness.

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