Rangers ‘confirm’ Douglas Park as chairman

Rangers ‘confirm’ Douglas Park as chairman
The boss. On the left, in case you didn't know....

Rangers have indirectly confirmed today that Chairman Douglas Park is indeed 100% the top dog and no longer ‘interim’.

The BMW supremo has filled the chairman role since Dave King’s exit earlier this year, but it was presented as an ‘interim’ appointment and not necessarily permanent.

Addressing today’s AGM, however, the club officially presented Park as Chairman, period, and no longer interim.

If there was one thing we notably disliked about predecessor Dave King, it was the razzmatazz and headlines, the massive boasts and outlandish claims.

Douglas Park, however, does not deliver that, instead opting for a quieter more dignified approach and frankly the club is infinitely better for it.

And he is most definitely the bigwig at Ibrox, and while MD Stewart Robertson still carries out the main day-to-day running of the club, Park is the top brass and it’s now official.

As he said himself, he’s been on the board since 2014 and didn’t imagine the progress we’ve currently made to have been possible, but we’re ahead of schedule.

And we can honestly say a great deal of the acceleration has been under his watch.

Rangers are in a very good place, and we’re in very safe hands.

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