Rangers potentially drop big hint about Morelos’ future

Rangers potentially drop big hint about Morelos’ future
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 16: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers FC is shown a yellow card during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Livingston and Rangers at Tony Macaroni Arena on August 16, 2020 in Livingston, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

Alfredo Morelos’ latest indiscretion has once again let his teammates down, and the most intriguing part is how the club’s acceptance of his charge has rather revealed Steven Gerrard was maybe a little hasty in his defence of the Colombian.

Don’t get us wrong, we have entirely explained why the manager backed the player up – we told you that he did the same when James Tavernier was the target for the boo boys after Young Boys, and look how the captain is doing today.

So we completely understand Stevie’s position – he protects his players and it shields them from a lot of abuse – they know he’s got their back now, which is something he’s learned from the first two seasons of publicly throwing players under buses. Even Jordan Jones and George Edmundson found themselves being defended publicly by the boss, so he’s definitely changed tact on that one.

But the club’s stance of no appeal is very telling. No attempt to defend Morelos aside Stevie’s initial comments, and Rangers accept the ban.

Is this the end for Morelos? All we can say is Morelos is, and has been for a long time, the latest ‘Josh Windass’ – a polarising player who has tribal backing from some portions of the support while being hounded by others.

We’re not going to commit anything in the way of predicting the future over Morelos, but we will say this ban may just heighten calls from some sections to sell the Colombian next month.

His elbow was idiotic on Sunday – there wasn’t even provocation, he just decided a good course of action inside 15 minutes was to elbow someone in the scud. He escaped a red card by incompetent refereeing and had no impact on the match thereafter.

The so-called ‘Morelos Brigade’ will back him and defend him whatever he does, so we’re done listening to such biased, tribalistic views.

We’re in the middle on Ibrox Noise – we know what he’s contributed in the past, and we rate him formerly as a player, but we’re not fans of him as a person, and his form these days is not compensating for that.

So we’re not against selling him next month at all, especially given he’s cost us two matches of his services yet again.

The reality is the Morelos circus will continue till he’s no longer a Rangers player – and we’ve no idea when the club will cut its losses and just sell.

The fact it didn’t back him up as a unit after the citation does imply that is likely to be sooner rather than later, and we really have heard a lot of word wishing we’d just accepted the £16.5M from Lille.

Hindsight is painful on this one.

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  1. We did not contest it,because it would be a waste of time with the girls bridgade in charge,nothing to do with not backing the buff

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