BBC hypocrisy over Rangers can only be described as ‘stunning’…

BBC hypocrisy over Rangers can only be described as ‘stunning’…
You gotta laff, right?

Ibrox Noise had to laugh at the BBC the past 24 hours. As Rangers fans know, the Beeb, or specifically, Pacific Quay, has spent the last 8 years slaughtering this club from top to bottom.

If it wasn’t slanderous reporting, it was boycotting our club. If it wasn’t hurling Ally McCoist out of Ibrox in silhouette form it was lying about what actually happened in 2012 and winning awards for it.

Either way, the BBC north of the border have not been our best friend.

So it was with amusement we note the changing tone from Auntie with regards us over the past month or two, as our club becomes more entrenched at the top of the Scottish game while our green rivals fall apart and stand by their man.

Indeed, the past day alone sees a very different tone emerging to say the least, as a gushing article from serial hater Tom English suggests Rangers are a ‘different animal’ and initially took pride of place in the Scottish section as a headline story.

It’s still there now, happily regaling the world with how great Rangers are, without even a hint of baited breath or irony.

English, among those slaughtering our club the past decade, has decided we’re en vogue now and we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and Celtic are atrocious.

Of course, the damage of the past is pretty much irreparable – Rangers fans will never trust or indeed like the BBC ever again. Chris McLaughlin could kneel in front of Ibrox and beg forgiveness while his coworkers do the sash in their underwear on Edmiston Drive and it still wouldn’t ingratiate them to the fans, but the club as a whole is a business and could take a different view.

However, either way we’re still finding the sudden jolt to loving us somewhat hard to stomach.

Football really is a funny old game…

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  1. Very good article IN . English ( not really his stance or allegence !) is a pretend intellect that gushes profusely when anything green is around him or the rotten mob. He has no care or respect for us like the rest of that ilk. He writes in flowing verbage that is mostly a veiled screen of his distaste for all things Rangers . I can’t wait to both see and hear him , McLaughlin and Liam ?? when we win 55 . It’ll be priceless.

  2. Stv is just as bad,cos septic are shite they now ignore the famous and talk about hibs instead fuckin fannies,

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