“No contact” – Stevie G confirms situation on midfielder

“No contact” – Stevie G confirms situation on midfielder
A smart move?

Steven Gerrard has today dismissed claims from the s*n that Billy Gilmour is to come on loan to Ibrox, ending the story once and for all.

We covered this story yesterday, with great optimism, but sadly we knew where the story came from so it had only a sliver of a chance of being true, but thoughts make things, right?

Being serious, the story began on a Rangers rumours website as a simple suggestion, and the s*n literally picked it up and ran with it as a story, contrived from the start.

Don’t get us wrong, we’d have loved it to be true, but Gerrard has stated clearly we’re not interested. There’s been no contact, and he’s not a player we’re looking at.

Which ends that one.

If a story is worth your time, it’s worth writing. If it’s not worth your time, it’s probably in the s*n, but our job at Ibrox Noise is to bring you the lot and leave it to your intelligence to decide what is nonsense and what is real.

When it comes to analysis, opinion, commentary, stats etc you know it’s sincere from us. When it’s transfer stories, our hands are tied as to how accurate it’ll be. Like most sources.

And sadly, the Gilmour story is hogwash.

Typical s*n really.

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  1. Tbh IN its great to see these publishers scrappin the bottom of the barrel with theyr stories as it shows how shrewd rangers have become when it comes to what stories the press gets. No more of the By gone days when everythin was leaked from inside to now when nothing gets out and the press r scramblin to put a story together. I wouldnt read that gutter press again and only get my info from urselfs and the rangers website. Always honest and straight to the point the old school way.

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