EXCLUSIVE: official proof Celtic’s *9IAR is tainted

EXCLUSIVE: official proof Celtic’s *9IAR is tainted
An absolute disgrace....

Before discussing the next game against Standard Liege, we all know how the season ended last year and how it took away our chance to play in the Champions League.

And we all know what was said:

There was JUST NO WAY Celtic, in any universe, could lose their 13 point lead in just 8 matches.

This was despite the fact they had to play Rangers twice and Rangers had a game in hand.

Now, just a few months later, the evidence is in. Yep, they COULD implode, and isn’t it great to watch?!

We all know that if we had won those three matches the point difference would have been just four points, with six games to play.

Now fast forward to today, and looking only at their last six games against Premier League opponents, Celtic have the following record.


That is seven points lost in just six games.

Add the 9 points from the two Old Firm games and the game we had in hand and we wouldn’t need to worry about goal difference. Coz we would have been three points ahead.

So, the conclusion is Celtic’s title IS TAINTED. Absolutely categorically 100%.

There was never any doubt about it.

Yeh, they promised, Celtic could never, ever in a thousand years lose so many. Yet here we sit, with the evidence in our hand, and we are left to also wonder what would have happened if we had got to the Champions League?

But no, the fraud vote was just fine….

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  1. so we couldnt have won the league last year .as celtic wouldnt have crumbled under the pressure .this season was a continous part on rangers play and celtic proved they cant handke it this year with alingvway to go yet they say they wouldnt have crumbled last year.i think we should go to the courts about there 9th and get the real truth out there about corruption and cheating from spfla and celtic .anyway will make this year even sweeter.its called KARMA so hahaha

  2. Come on guys there is no way we would’ve pulled back a 13 point deficit last season. The way we were playing we may not have won 13 points in the last 8 games.

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