“Better than Bayern” – Rangers confirmed Europe’s best

“Better than Bayern” – Rangers confirmed Europe’s best
No wonder they're so unhappy... (Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Rangers have been confirmed as the overall best team in Europe by statistics which demonstrate no domestic side has been more impressive and consistent in key statistical areas.

Steven Gerrard’s side, performing wonderfully in so many key areas on the pitch, stands shoulder above pretty much every other side in the other domestic leagues in Europe, and we’re going to take you through the stunning numbers one by one.

Best defence:

Joint with Mallorca, and above Atletico on a score of 2.2, Rangers are number one here.

Points won:

Second only to Sporting, Rangers score 2.73 points average.

Win rate:

Third to only Ajax and Sporting, Rangers top everyone else at 86.7%.

Goal difference:

Rangers are second to just Ajax and above Bayern, with a GD of +2.53.

Clean sheets:

Number one in Europe, Rangers have a percentage of 86.7%.

Goals per game:

And lastly goals per game, Rangers are a ‘lowly’ fourth at 2.73 with just Bayern, Ajax, and amusingly, Raith Rovers ahead.

In short, in all these key stats Rangers are either best, second, third or fourth. Overall, absolutely first – no other side shows up in each of these areas as one of the best.

If anyone had any doubt how good Stevie’s Rangers are, hopefully that little list dispels it!

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