Surprise u-turn as wantaway forward stays at Ibrox

Surprise u-turn as wantaway forward stays at Ibrox
Some of the kids who could play a part?

Rangers fans will be pleased to hear there seems to have been a bit of a u-turn with regards promising young prospect Nathan Young-Coombes.

The attacker had been reported as returning south through basic homesickness, but his continued participation in the B-team fixtures confirm he is staying at Ibrox, for the moment anyway.

The forward exploded onto the scene a year or two ago with his distinctive haircut and impressive talent, standing out in some youth tournaments particularly Alkass.

But then we learned earlier this year he wanted to quit Rangers and go back home through simple personal reasons, and as sad as it was, we accepted and respected that.

But either he’s had a massive change of heart, and has maybe matured a little, or the original story was complete piffle because NYC is very much still at Ibrox, still playing for the lower levels of the club and the 17-year old might just start knocking on the senior team door soon.

The reality is we know a lot of younger players do struggle with flying the nest and going into the big bad world, but time and support can help that.

And as fans who’ve seen him play will attest, he has all the talent in the world.

Whether he is actually good enough for our first team any time soon is another matter.

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