How Rangers helped ‘silence’ Brian Connor…

How Rangers helped ‘silence’ Brian Connor…
Stevie with the captain.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

You might be wondering who on earth ‘Brian Connor’ is. Truth is we have no idea either. We know he’s based in the USA, but amusingly, the ‘man’ (we assume) has been stalking Ibrox Noise for maybe 3+ years?

Daily emails, up to 30, with insults, harassment, attacks, mockery.

None of it bothered us, water off a duck’s back – but, clearly a Celtic fan, the individual has obsessively kept at it, non-stop. Admin this, tax that, Dave King this, going bust that.

So you’re probably wondering why we’re dedicating an entire article to him.

Well, you have to admire his obsessiveness. The moonhowling chaps we told you about yesterday with their petition have nothing on his level of insanity.

But the real reason we’re talking about him for the first time is ever since, the past two months, where Rangers are clearly back and for real – ‘Brian Connor’ has gone absolutely silent.

We’re shocked to report the chap who’s literally sent us well beyond 10,000 emails has gone AWOL.

We’re very sad. We almost miss his little name in our trash can, being deleted before we even read his latest lunacy (we never read more than two of his emails).

Of course we know this piece will drag him back like a phoenix from the ashes, almost certainly, but he represents a larger phenomenon – the silence of the tims.

Yes, ever since their side plummeted lately and ours rose, the green side of the city has piped down remarkably.

For years we’ve had to put up with their obsessiveness, swarming our page and channels like a bad smell, like a plague.

And now they, like the esteemed Mr Connor, are absent presumed missing.

Terrible, isn’t it?

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  1. The meltdowns they have are just glorious. The league is nowhere near over and look at them all. However, I do believe this year the league and cups are ours to lose. We just look so organised (hibs/Benfica aside) and dangerous going forward with an entire squad contributing. WATP.

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