Rangers fans are starting to believe in 55

Rangers fans are starting to believe in 55
Rangers' head coach Steven Gerrard pictured during a press conference of Scotish club Rangers FC, Wednesday 21 October 2020, in Liege. Tomorrow they will meet Belgian soccer Standard de Liege in the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League competition. BELGA PHOTO VIRGINIE LEFOUR (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

After yesterday’s resounding triumph over a toothless Aberdeen, it’s clear that finally, at long last, Rangers fans are, for the majority, starting to believe 55 is coming this season.

It’s evident that Rangers have gone past Celtic for strength, for manager, and for quality of first XI.

Last season, while pre-Christmas was promising, likewise 2018, we were vocal on this site that the squad just wasn’t good enough. That while we were happy that the first XI could match Celtic toe-to-toe, the rest of the squad wouldn’t last the pace.

Whatever happened over the new year barely matters, the quality of the entire group was never good enough to withstand the rigours of January to May.

It’s different this time.

This is a brilliant squad, with a tonne of key assets, and almost as much quality in depth in the deputies as with the first XI.

And that’s why fans, having witnessed Rangers score a bonkers 12 goals in two matches, are beginning to believe, even tentatively.

We’ve been convinced by this squad and this manager this season – we had our doubts previously, but that test bed of the first two seasons has completely gone into practise this campaign and we’re seeing the fruits of the labour flourish.

Yes, there’s ‘a long way to go’ but the only way Rangers won’t bring 55 home this season, aside politics, is an implosion, and this squad and manager don’t look like they will get anywhere near that.

Yes, we’re unlikely to win every match, and points will probably be dropped here and there, but the overall picture is of a team on its way to end Celtic’s absurd stranglehold over the Scottish game.

And you can quote us on that.

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