“A shame” – Morelos’ petulance only half the issue

“A shame” – Morelos’ petulance only half the issue
Looking happy as always....

In his latest moment of self-serving petulance, Alfredo Morelos’ subbing off performance yesterday demonstrated a child who will never grow up and get this incredibly immature side of his personality out of his system.

The Colombian threw his gloves to the floor in fury when he was removed in the second half, and while we know he’s never been the happiest at getting withdrawn, Morelos’ continued egocentric angst in the Scottish game is the biggest source of frustration.

As we suggested post-Benfica, Morelos can play like he did there in Portugal – he can be absolutely 100% world class, but the biggest source of annoyance is come the SPL he’ll be back to not giving a damn.

Yes, he had a couple of useful moments, and won a few fouls, but the reality is domestically speaking Alfredo Morelos simply does not care anymore.

His movement yesterday was ghastly, barely doing much more than jogging half the time, rarely getting into space, and it wasn’t really a shock that he was hooked.

And that reaction summed up his attitude.

Unfortunately, this is what we have to live with from him.

In Europe, when it’s a showcase of his talents, Morelos shows up and puts in a world class display. When it’s domestic, and less glamorous with a smaller audience, the striker just doesn’t hack it at all.

Steven Gerrard admits Morelos wants the Champions League, and we can guarantee he’ll sure as sh*t show up next season for that, but as far as putting in shifts on the domestic front goes, we’re unlikely to see his full capacity especially often.

A shame really.

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  1. He was doing it whole game. Watch when others shoot and say it goes wide, hel throw his arms at them im a huff sort of way, he does it multiple times a game.

    Ive always tried to stick up for him but hes really starting to annoy me now.

  2. He did what he set out to do piss everyone off including his teammates. He is going nowhere fast, it is a shame cause he’s got it most surely but continues to drop further back and as a consequence will not be a saleable asset again . Just when we would like to move him on .

  3. He was Aberdeen’s best player yesterday. At a time when Aberdeen were just about in the game his inability to hold onto the ball or lay off a simple pass set them onto the attack about 4 times in the first half. The manager can see this and must find a solution before it causes problems in the team.

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