Old Firm clash to be called off – latest

Old Firm clash to be called off – latest
What happens now.... (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

This month’s Old Firm clash is at risk following not only Odsonne Edouard’s positive diagnosis, but increasing amounts of isolation having to be carried out following other similar outcomes.

Kilmarnock’s clash with Falkirk got forfeited following an outbreak in the squad, and of course they’re none too happy about it, but with Celtic’s Bongo chap dumped away after violating the rules, Edouard’s now identical situation sets major alarm bells ringing.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the Boli situation as a yellow card for Scottish football, and after a second Celtic player has ended up in the same scenario, the red card has been threatened.

There were nonsense rumours last night that an unnamed Rangers player had tested positive, later disproven, but the fact these issues are circulating on the eve of this massive match has far reaching implications.

It is already naturally going to affect the international break, as a number of players may end up having to go into isolation, which could have a knock on effect for the rest of those squads. We shall see.

But Celtic potentially missing their main striker for such a big game could be quite the sea-shift.

Of course, chances are Sturgeon will end up postponing the entire Scottish game for a period, so Celtic don’t have to face us without their 9.

Ok, maybe that’s a bit paranoid but who knows.

Either way, there are far reaching outcomes here, and they affect us all.

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Rome leaning SNPish pull the rug to help the rotten mob . The virus allows that poison dwarf in Edinburgh to cover over the cracks of her ineffective governing and shambles .

  2. There is NO reason for this game to be postponed. Other clubs have had to work around the Covid situation and we might have to as well at some point. It would be an absolute disgrace if it was cancelled because their top player wasn’t available. Incidentally Ryan Christie has also been told to isolate for 14 days and will also miss the game as will James Forrest through injury.

    • Rather win it on the pitch not through politics but rules are rules and should be bent for nobody.Didn’t the Czech Republic have to play a reduced team as their entire first squad isolated?

  3. If a match is cancelled due to septics covid problems then the 3 points must be awarded to the Famous

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