Rangers stunner exposes SPFL farce

Rangers stunner exposes SPFL farce
Bit of a clown really, and exposed... (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

After our piece earlier on the latest Doncaster fiasco in failure to find any sponsorship for the Premiership almost a quarter of the way into the season, we have to contrast it with the superb job Rangers have done in becoming the SPFL rights holder for the gloriously fertile financial market that is India.

Star Sports and Rangers have agreed a mutual deal to give Rangers the rights in a nation which numbers a population of around 1.3B people.

Aside China, India is the most populated country on earth, by a landslide – it is also the place where football is now the fastest growing sport, having usurped China whose progress slowed in recent times.

India is the new land of opportunity in Asia, and Rangers’ work in agreeing such a mind-bogglingly lucrative deal over there is into a market worth many billions, and can only secure the club a tonne of further deals, capital and of course, a wealth of new fans.

And fans bring money.

When we compare this to the farce that is half a million a year man Neil Doncaster still not able to get a simple sponsorship deal for the SPL, it only shows how professional Rangers are, and indicts the amateurism that is the SPFL’s governance.

But of course, it’s on him that no one wants to be associated with this league.

Meanwhile, everyone wants a piece of the Rangers.

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  1. Excellent business once again by the Famous . It only makes that garbage of green run charlatans look what they are .. hopeless. Onwards 55

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