When Greg Docherty’s assist got Lyndon Dykes a vital goal

When Greg Docherty’s assist got Lyndon Dykes a vital goal

It’s 2021, April.

Scotland are facing Lithuania in an important qualifier (for something, it’s always a qualifier for something) and Ross McCrorie passes forward to Jamie Murphy, who tears down the line to feed it inside for Greg Docherty, who assists Lyndon Dykes.

Yes, Scotland are dreadful, we know this, they have been ever since Alex McLeish left, and that is absolute – but there is a possible future where three rejected Rangers players, now at Aberdeen, Hibs and Hull respectively, and one rejected transfer target, now at QPR, could combine to give Scotland a goal.

Players who just weren’t good enough for Rangers, for whatever reason, or weren’t marketable enough, weren’t valuable enough – all that jazz.

In the future, all four could line up for (insert name of new manager after Clarke’s firing here)’s Scotland side and they might even be half decent.

We know this piece is completely hypothetical, but McCrorie’s twin WAS called up, Murphy is an ex international, and McCrorie himself is an experienced U21 captain. Docherty is the only one not in the picture yet, but if his Hull career goes well, he will be.

And Scotland could be littered with ‘failed Rangers’.

Funny old game sometimes.

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  1. Scotland are mince. Having these players turn out for them doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have let them go. Quite the opposite in fact. I want to see better players than that turning out for Rangers.

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