Ex-Ranger (probably) bites his tongue and bides his time

Ex-Ranger (probably) bites his tongue and bides his time
He just wasn't a fan!

There’s been a bit of talk recently about Greg Docherty again, after our former player made some comments to the press about the nature of his departure.

In fairness to him, he acted in the dignity of the Ranger, suggesting he was rejected because his style of play didn’t fit the manager’s visions, but then of course given he rarely played and contributed 3 assists in the five appearances he did we’re not sure he meant what he was saying.

It was more, biting one’s tongue and leaving a return in the future when Steven Gerrard isn’t manager open.

And this isn’t an attack on Gerrard, at all – we can’t fault much about this domestic season at all so far and statistically the system has been excellent.

But Docherty’s exit appears to just have been to pure old fashioned taste – that Gerrard didn’t fancy him.

It happens in football – managers just don’t take to some players, no matter how much a model pro they are, no matter how well they do on loan.

It happens.

“My first start for Rangers at Ibrox against Hearts was a really special day. But it’s something that is going to hang over me for a while, the fact that I went there and it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. That doesn’t sit well with me.”

Naturally it wouldn’t – Docherty did nothing wrong. If he tears up League One with Hull then we can see again what he did at Shrewsbury, and as he blossoms, as we assume he will, his invite for a return in the future will almost certainly happen.

Docherty is a dignified man – he’s absolutely gutted at the exit and how he wasn’t given a chance. Gerrard wasn’t interested in him and that stings. But he holds his head high and moved on, and hopefully one day the time will be right for Rangers and Doc to be reunited.

Maybe on the same day he, Jamie Murphy, Ross McCrorie, and Lyndon Dykes all got called up to the Scottish NT…

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