Morelos ridiculousness gets worse as Bayer & more join the party

Morelos ridiculousness gets worse as Bayer & more join the party
He is probably as bemused as we are....

When we saw the story this morning alleging Bayer Leverkusen and Stuttgart had joined the ‘race’ (we’re getting fed up with it now) to sign Alfredo Morelos, it was taken with a huge pinch of salt.

Not because big clubs don’t want him, because they do, but because the language was exactly the same as used for the last big club to ‘enter the race’ in the form of Portuguese giants Porto.

To be exact, Morelos was being ‘targeted’ by the 2004 CL winners and guess what – he’s being ‘targeted’ by the Bundesliga giants too now.

It strikes us as yet more pathetically lazy journalism – Rangers have faced both Bayer and Porto in the past two seasons, and in the way the press used a nonsense Dan Glazer to Rangers story to disrupt Israel’s prep for the Scotland match (he had to be dropped, so mission partially accomplished, well, apart from the result), they’re using our opponents again for lazy journalism over Morelos.

True, VfB are not recent opponents and they’re new entrants to this drivel, but it just does seem like ‘another day, more Morelos suitors’.

Just like with the Lille stuff that Rangers rejected, Morelos has allegedly agreed a deal with our UEL conquerors, with a, quote on quote ‘concrete’ offer being made to him.

We’ve heard this sh*te too many times now and it’s getting monotonous.

I mean, Ibrox Noise could do the same nonsense – just pluck a random European team with a possible link to Rangers or Morelos, and say they’re interested. It would be every bit as plausible as the garbage we’re seeing from this lazy rotten press from ours.

But we’d never do that – it’s in our mission statement that we do not publish anything we know to be fabrication, or that we just made up in our own heads. Opinions, of course, those are our own, but factual claims manifested out of thin air we just don’t do. You can always trust the integrity of our claims – we always got our information from a source. We will make honest errors, yes, if a source was wrong, and we hold our hands up to those, which is why you can trust us.

Unfortunately, the Scottish press doesn’t do that, it just makes this kind of piffle up and uses the likes of Morelos (and indeed Celtic’s Edouard) for sales and hits and attention.

True, this might be the one time they were right – but hey, so is a stopped clock twice a day.

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  1. Getting concerned that nobody will take him off our hands, and we will be stuck with him. Prefer the options we have with Roofe and co., gives us more flexibility .. we get hamstrung with Morelos in the team.

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