Referees exposed as Rangers triumph

Referees exposed as Rangers triumph
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 16: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers FC is shown a yellow card during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Livingston and Rangers at Tony Macaroni Arena on August 16, 2020 in Livingston, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

There’s a telling difference in Rangers’ last two European outings compared with what Ibrox fans are used to.

No refereeing controversies, no leniency towards violent opponents – just fairness.

Isn’t it telling that on the European stage, Rangers and discipline is rarely to never a problem? That referees on the continent officiate Rangers matches impartially and fairly, and protect both sets of players?

Think about just how ridiculous the SPL has been this season – Rangers players have been assaulted out there on several occasions, and NOTHING is given. Instead it’s Steven Gerrard hauled up on a trumped-up charge over his ‘wording’.

No, nothing for Ryan Edwards, nothing for any of the attacks Hibs players meted out – but on the continent the opposition play football, not rugby, and Rangers got through last night without any injuries, with fair refereeing and the football on the night did the talking, not anyone’s elbow.

The difference between refereeing domestically and the UEL is stark. Celtic struggle at that level because they don’t have referees’ biased protection in the way they do at home, while Rangers thrive because both teams in our matches are treated the same.

And that difference is what sees Rangers allowed to play football while not being assaulted from every angle without any consequences.

Pity we can’t play in Europe every week.

Oh wait, yes we can…

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  1. Lol superb article , so true so true. Every game we play in Europe is football only , strong technical and easy on the eye from both Rangers and the opposition. In the SPFuckingL we get poor to no refereeing , biased green leaning systems . Teams of full of hatred to Light Blue , full of clogging disrespectful donkeys . Negligible skill or performance especially when playing the rotten mob, from most oppositions except to hurt or mame a Rangers player , just look at Porteous a disgrace . Onwards 55

  2. Yes where they play the beautiful game like us,not a bunch of goal line hogging hacking bastards n bent referees

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