Celtic flounder as Rangers flourish – reality bites

Celtic flounder as Rangers flourish – reality bites
Size matters?

On a night where Celtic struggled to overcome some Latvia mob late on, while Rangers romped to an easy 0-4 win in Tilburg, we couldn’t help but notice just how differently that bunch do in Europe compared with Rangers.

The Parkhead lot struggle when it’s all about football, when the referees aren’t siding with them, and to barely scrape a late goal in Riga while Rangers strolled to a well-deserved thumping of Willem, a most notably credible Dutch side just demonstrates what happens when the field is level and fair and for playing.

Take away the opponents smashing Rangers faces in, take away the ridiculous refereeing which sides with everyone who isn’t Rangers, and suddenly Rangers are free to play football, express themselves and win deservedly.

And this isn’t new.

Steven Gerrard has done this for three seasons now, getting better each year, while Celtic have remained stagnant.

Of course, many reading this will say ‘why can’t he do this in the league’ – well, that’s kind of our point.

He can’t do this in the league to the same aplomb because it isn’t that level playing field that Europe affords us.

European football is a great leveller – especially in Scotland, demonstrating how Rangers play when refereeing is neutral and opponents don’t have hammers.

And it shows Celtic up for the thoroughly mediocre team they are.

When they’re challenged even by an average European team, like Motherwell and Aberdeen they struggle deeply.

But Rangers? They stroll it.

Pity we can’t be afforded the courtesy of fairness in the SPL.

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  1. I agree with the article 100%,how their fans put up with european year dross year in year out beats me,pure crap

  2. I said in a previous entry… 55 is slightly less important to me personally than the money europe will bring in and how the famous are perceived worldwide or just Scotland. The mob from the other side struggle in Europe because teams won’t lay down and referees are completely unbiased. I know stopping the 9.5 will matter to more people but me personally nobody outside Scotland cares about 9.5 in a row. It happens in most leagues throughout the world. Even Germany which is a very strong league has Munich on 9 titles or so. Rangers are however being given massive kudos for flying the flag for Scotland in Europe while Celtic are a European laughing stock. You you hit the nail on the head if we judge Gerrard purely in the league then technically yes we should have enough to put every team in the league to bed but when you consider we have teams kicking us up and down the park with refs turning a blind eye and a Celtic run governing body it’s hard to fight against it all… that being said another couple of runs in Europe and the rest won’t matter because we will be too strong to be pegged back no matter what they try. If it all goes well we will earn automatic champs league groups just in time to take over Scottish football again.

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