Morelos latest as two clubs ‘fight it out’…

Morelos latest as two clubs ‘fight it out’…
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 16: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers FC is shown a yellow card during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Livingston and Rangers at Tony Macaroni Arena on August 16, 2020 in Livingston, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

Yes, as we mentioned earlier, Alfredo Morelos’ future remains an issue of almost comical contention, and the latest two we have is that Lille are once again preparing a bid of £18M with add-ons, while new entrants to the party Porto are said to be looking at him.

The saga, like Moussa Dembele’s at Parkhead, could run till the final day of the window, which is of course early next month.

Morelos spell at Ibrox is over, and Rangers are more and more trying to turn to the Roofes, Defoes and Ittens of this world, but of course all three strikers should be fit by the end of next week and the return of action.

Which makes the need for the Colombian’s services less – it is of course a pity we have two injuries up top right now, but hopefully we won’t need to resort to plan Z to deploy Morelos.

He wants to go, we want to sell, and the fans’ love affair with him is a thing of the past now. When Stevie’s language of platitudes has changed this much, we know the relationship is done.

It’s just a matter of selling now. The number of clubs linked to him is mammoth – around 30+ clubs have taken a serious interest in signing him, including some of Europe’s biggest including Marseille, Milan, Lille, Atletico, Napoli, Everton you name it.

The reason he hasn’t sold yet is a game of Russian roulette. These clubs are aware of his poor discipline and his rattle out of the pram the past month or two, and if they can force a late and cheap sale at the end of the window that’s the tactic.

Unfortunately for them it isn’t going to work. Rangers are playing hardball, and won’t sell him for less than what they believe he is worth, and that’s around £20M.

If we have to hold onto him, we will. If we have to let him go for free in three years, fine. But don’t think you’re getting him cheap.

Whether it’s Porto, Lille or anyone else, in the way Barca are playing hardball over Messi, as they should, Rangers are doing the same with Morelos.

Want him? You can pay the going rate.

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