Morelos and Messi, really?!

Morelos and Messi, really?!
Remember the 'anti-football' days? (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

In our final piece on Alfredo Morelos for the day, we can’t help noticing the comparisons between what Morelos is doing and has done, and what ‘former’ Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has.

Obviously this is NOT a comparison on ability, so can all the mockery and nonsense that would normally associate with ‘Morelos v Messi’ kindly do one, so we can focus on the behaviour.

Both players want to leave because, for varying reasons, they’ve fallen out of love with the club – the reasons don’t really matter, but their behaviour is interesting.

Both players, over the course of about two or three weeks, threw their rattles out of their prams, stomped their feet and demanded to leave.

Now, Morelos hasn’t been as overt – he hasn’t come out publicly with all this and he hasn’t boycotted training, so while his behaviour and attitude hasn’t been the best, he’s not outright disrespected the club.

Messi, his fellow south American, has been deplorable. Because the club isn’t going where he wants it to, he has screamed like a baby and dismissed the legality of his contract. He’s abandoned the club and won’t even show for corona testing. Morelos has not done anything close to this.

But it is curious that in the space of barely a month, two prominent South American players have both gone this way at the same time.

We’d never suggest Messi has taken Morelos’ lead here, but he’ll certainly know of him, and of the situation at Ibrox, because it’s been all over the sports/football news for months, and any smart footballer (and Messi is not stupid) will know of situations globally.

And the Argentinian has decided to do what Morelos has and then some – to be honest Messi is making Morelos look like the school swot at this point.

What conclusions can we draw?

One interesting one is that when Cristiano Ronaldo fell out of love with Real, they put up no fight and just let him go for a fair transfer fee. That whole thing was a shock, but it was fairly pain free. By comparison anyway.

In short – South American players seem to lose the plot when they don’t get their way. Think Neymar too.

We can just be thankful Alfie hasn’t brought his lawyers in….

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