New signing but same old Scottish press

New signing but same old Scottish press
He won't get much, will he? (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

As Alfredo Morelos slowly prepares to leave Ibrox (God knows who to, we’ll bring you that one later) and Celtic’s new signing Shane Duffy arrives, we at Ibrox Noise ask:

Will the Scottish press criticise Duffy for his alleged pro-IRA stance in the past, as they have smeared Morelos for his… ‘not very much beyond being sent off and racially abused’ stance.

Yes, we know Morelos was his own worst enemy, but he did nothing ‘to’ anyone to merit the garbage he got thrown at him – his poor discipline and attitude was used against him as a stick to beat him with, and why do we get the feeling a man who allegedly glorified terrorism and the IRA will barely merit a mention?

There’s no question the Scottish press pick and choose who they go for these days, and the lack of personal attacks upon Celtic personnel has been noticeable.

And we imagine that’ll include Duffy.

Not that they should – the press should not be smearing anyone, but it’s evident they have an agenda as to who they will target.

And Celtic aren’t fashionable to target – Rangers are.

Let’s face it, had Morelos been a Celtic player, his indiscipline would have been hardly touched upon, portrayed sympathetically and he’d have been supported. A big deal would have been made of his charity work and he’d have been generally viewed favourably.

Just like Leigh Griffith was.

But because he’s Rangers, he’s smeared, slammed, ridiculed and used to sell inches.

We doubt Duffy will become a press victim, in fact it’ll hardly be touched.

But if Rangers were signing him, he’d get Joey Bartoned all over the place.

Que sera sera.

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  1. It’s good to see Ceptic going back to signing players because they are Irish/Catholic/Supporters or whatever rather than being good players. Keep signing players from Brighton and Motherwell and we’ll soon be catching them.

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