Is Ryan Kent worth £40M?

Is Ryan Kent worth £40M?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 12: Ryan Kent of Rangers FC celebrates with Alfredo Morelos and Joseph Ayodele-Aribo after scoring his team's second goal during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and St. Johnstone at Ibrox Stadium on August 12, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

On the subject of player value, we had a post recently suggesting some ‘outrageous’ player prices. They had Goldson at £18M and Kent at £40M, to name just two.

Now, immediate reaction is to laugh this kind of comment out of town, as Rangers did the Barisic and Kent bids from Leeds, but on closer inspection, while it’s patently obvious Rangers won’t get £40M for Kent, the fact Celtic demand that for Edouard (sell-on clause or not) suggests a couple of things.

  • On top of their selling Tierney for £25M, even SPL players are starting to be valued in the more relevant numbers of this transfer market.
  • If these players were plying their trades in England and not the SPL, this wouldn’t even be a debate.

Even our own fans seem to be critical of the more valuable assessments of our players, suggesting our players aren’t worth what Celtic’s are because they’ve ‘won more’.

But can someone tell me what Wan-Bissaka won with Palace before Man Utd paid £50M for him?

It’s not about winning, although that’s a part of it, it’s about what makes Joe Aribo far more valuable than Greg Docherty despite all the valid comparisons of their positions and stats.

It’s ‘desirability’.

A buying team isn’t strictly interested in the medals a player has, they’re interested in the whole package – ability, status, marketability, appearance, age, current division and even nationality.

All these attributes and more are why a club will pay big money for a new player – and being in the PL is a huge one, which can instantly double a player’s price off the bat.

Look at what John Fleck was worth in the SPL/Third Division then Championship, and now look at his value in the PL.

Is Kent worth £40M? Not in the SPL, but he’s certainly not worth the derisory £8M Leeds offered.

Was the poster right that Goldson is £18M? Well, a 26-yo defender in the PL tends to be worth around that, if not more.

It’s all about a bunch of factors, not just how good a player is.

Unfortunately, of course it’s all a bit moot because Rangers won’t be switching to the PL any time soon.

But Ryan Kent might – and to achieve that, the buying team will have to shell out a lot of money.

£40M? Who knows…

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  1. We can talk about player valuations till we’re blue in the face and the cows come home; but the only figure that actually matters is what a buying club is prepared to pay. Of course it’s the buyer’s prerogative to calculate the player’s value, and Rangers prerogative to reject offers that are deemed unfit. In the case of Morelos, he’s still on our books because of the disconnect between these valuations. There is no guarantee anyone will meet Rangers asking price, no matter how long we hold out. I would say that’s potentially a bigger problem than accepting a reduced fee to get him out the door.

  2. Our players are worth a lot more than most in Scotland seriously for a couple of reasons . The SG effect is one the others include excellent European pedigree and when at it good type of play front to back and consistency. The fitness is also a consideration too. Morelos Kent , Barasic, Aribo, Goldson , Balogun , Katic , Roofe all double figures from 10 Million upwards . Several others in the 5 Mill bracket as well still Arfield , Tav, Itten .

  3. Possible reason Celtic players seem to be worth more than ours .!!
    1. Winning Titles and Cups
    2 . They have a record of selling players to Premier league teams who make the grade ie Van Dyke , Wanyama Tierney and the lad who went to Southampton last year ? All of them have either been resold for fortunes on in Tierney’s case is being rated as a £ 60m player already
    Our last sale to the Prem was the mighty Jelavic who went for fkin peanuts £5 or something stupid for his talent , Boumsong who didn’t cut in England and 9 m for Hutton …all donkeys years ago
    They are 5 years ahead of us financially in all aspects and have a small pedigree of moving players south with success .
    We’ve simply got to win the title and start doing the same .
    55 has to happen this year

  4. I don’t go with this “what they’ve won” nonsense. Apart from anything else people can surely see beyond what Ceptic have won since 2012 against no one. West Brom are currently trying to spend £18m on a 21 year old striker from West Ham who scored 8 goals (yes 8) while on loan at the Hawthorns last season. What has he won? Nothing.

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